You say data, I say data cards …

This long weekend (in Auckland anyway!), I spent some time updating the Quick! Draw! sampling tool (read more about it here Cat and whisker plots: sampling from the Quick, Draw! dataset). You may need to clear your browser cache/data to see the most recent version of the sampling tool. One of the motivations for doing so […]

Statistical reasoning with data cards (webinar)

UPDATE: The video of the webinar is now available here. I’m super excited to be presenting the next ASA K-12 Statistics Education Webinar. The webinar is based on one of my sessions from last year’s Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM) and will be all about using data cards featuring NZ data/contexts. I’ll also be using the digital data […]

Statistics flowers (data cards)

Inspired by Fisher’s Iris data, this sample of flowers was created through simulation from a carefully designed model. From a student’s perspective, these flowers represent a random sample of flowers from a much bigger population of statistics flowers. The idea is that students get all of the 300 cards and need to measure different features of the flowers […]

Census at school stick people (data cards)

This population of stick people was created using data from the Census at School 2015 database. For the data cards, rather than put/indicate gender on the card I have used a fictional name, taken from the names of children entered in the 2015 Auckland kids marathon. The relevant questions from the Census at School 2015 survey are […]