This population of stick people was created using data from the Census at School 2015 database. For the data cards, rather than put/indicate gender on the card I have used a fictional name, taken from the names of children entered in the 2015 Auckland kids marathon. The relevant questions from the Census at School 2015 survey are Q1, Q2, Q17, Q27 cellphone, facebook, snapchat, Q31 TV, and Q32 reading (the questions can be found here). The diagram below shows what each part of the data card represents:


For some great teaching notes for using data cards, check out Pip Arnold’s resources on Census at School, here are a couple: ID cards | Using data cards. I also used these data cards in a workshop on data challenges which you can read more about here.

Here is the population data set as a CSV file for teacher reference: CAS2015_edited

Here are the data cards as a PDF: CAS_2015_data_cards (without gender) CAS_2015_data_cards (with gender)

Here is the virtual environment to use the data cards:

And here is a little more about virtual Stickland: Welcome to stickland! and Initial adventures in Stickland