Modelling tool

A tool to perform an informal test for goodness of fit, using simulation-based inference.

Read more about the modelling tool here

Just three things

An app to support understanding of modelling and sampling variability for single proportions (percentages).

Check out the blog post that introduces this app.

Check out the just three things app here


BYOP (Bring your own population) sampling tool

A simple tool that sets up a sampling interface based on a publicly hosted CSV file.

Check out the blog post about why this tool was developed.

Check out the BYOP sampling tool here.

Random redirect tool

Need to randomise which one of two links you send someone to?

Check out the blog post about how to use this tool as part of an online experiment.

Check out the random redirect tool here.

report comment writerReport comment writing tool

A handy report comment writing tool that suggests comments as you write.

Check out the blog post about the tool here.

Check out the report comment writing tool here.