UPDATE: The video of the webinar is now available here.

I’m super excited to be presenting the next ASA K-12 Statistics Education Webinar. The webinar is based on one of my sessions from last year’s Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM) and will be all about using data cards featuring NZ data/contexts. I’ll also be using the digital data cards featured in my post Initial adventures in Stickland if you’d like to see these in “teaching action”.

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday April 20 9:30am New Zealand Time (Wednesday April 19 at 5:30 pm Eastern Time, 2:30 pm Pacific), but if you can’t watch it live a video of the webinar will be made available after the live presentation 🙂

Here are all the details about the webinar:

Title: Statistical Reasoning with Data Cards

Presenter: Anna-Marie Fergusson, University of Auckland

Abstract: Using data cards in the teaching of statistics can be a powerful way to build students’ statistical reasoning. Important understandings related to working with multivariate data, posing statistical questions, recognizing sampling variation and thinking about models can be developed. The use of real-life data cards involves hands-on and visual-based activities. This talk will present material from the Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM) Statistics Workshop held at JSM Chicago (2016) which can be used in classrooms to support teaching within the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Key teaching and learning ideas that underpin the activities will also be discussed.

To RSVP to participate in the live webinar, please use the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/pQ5taydWwOZy2WOJ3

The ASA is offering this webinar without charge and only internet and telephone access are necessary to participate. This webinar series was developed as part of the follow-up activities to the Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM) Workshop for Math and Science teachers held in conjunction with the Joint Statistical Meetings (www.amstat.org/education/mwm). MWM will be held again in Baltimore, MD on August 1-2, 2017.  For those unavailable to participate in the live webinar, ASA will record this webinar and make it available after the live presentation. Previous webinar recordings are available at http://www.amstat.org/asa/education/K-12-Statistics-Education-Webinars.aspx.