A simple app that only does three things

Here’s a scenario. You buy a jumbo bag of marshmallows that contains a mix of pink and white colours. Of the 120 in the bag, 51 are pink, which makes you unhappy because you prefer the taste of pink marshmallows. Time to write a letter of complaint to the company manufacturing the marshmallows? The thing […]

Using data and simulation to teach probability modelling

This post provides the notes and resources for a workshop I ran for the Auckland Mathematical Association (AMA) on using data and simulation to teach probability modelling (specifically AS91585/AS91586). This post also includes notes about a workshop I ran for the AMA Statistics Teachers’ Day 2016 about my research into this area. Using data in different […]

How many of my emails will get rolled up this week?

At the start of the year I started using a service call unroll me with my gmail account. It allows you to wrap up regular or subscription emails into one daily email digest. It takes a number of months to setup the service to capture all your regular or subscription emails, but I have found it […]

Using statistics to plan a wedding

Sorry there have been no posts for a while. I have a whole stash of draft posts nearly ready to be published, but work, study, wedding planning and life in general have got in the way 🙂   One of the few posts I have made this year was about statistical modelling so I thought I’d quickly […]

Developing engaging statistical modelling activities: Where do you start?

This post provides the notes for a workshop I ran recently for the Auckland Mathematical Association (AMA) on developing statistics lessons that will engage students and promote statistical thinking. The workshop involved looking at some examples of the peer-reviewed lesson plans available from STEW (STatistics Education Web https://www.amstat.org/education/stew/) and discussing how to adapt these to the […]