An example of an experiment conducted online using the random redirect tool (

A few years back, I created the first version of the random redirect tool that now lives at I developed the tool to support New Zealand statistics students to conduct questionnaire-based experiments online, but soon started getting emails from Masters/PhD student and “actual” researchers about using the tool. I think that’s pretty cool, and […]

Stats with Cats (and other animals)!

I wrote a guest post earlier this week for Allan Rossman’s excellent blog Ask Good Questions. If you aren’t already subscribed to Allan’s blog you should be! He spent a year writing a new post every week, so there are so many very good advice and ideas for teaching statistics on his blog. Allan’s work […]

Ideas for using technology to design and carry out experiments online

This post provides the notes for a workshop I ran at the Otago Mathematics Association (OMA) conference about using technology to design and carry out experiments online. Actually, at the moment this post only provides a PDF of the slides I used for the workshop – I will update this post with more detail later this year […]

Designing online experiments using Google forms + random redirect tool

I started work on a simple tool last year that would help students (and teachers) to conduct experiments online using Google forms. The plan was that the tool would take care of the necessary random allocation of treatments part of the experimental design through some background code that would send the respondent to one of two versions […]