Follow the data!

Last week I was down in Wellington for the VUW NZCER NZAMT16 Mathematics & Statistics Education Research Symposium, as well as for the NZAMT16 teacher conference. It was a huge privilege to be one of the keynote speakers and my keynote focused on teaching data science at the school level. I used the example of […]

What’s going on, what’s going on?

For many high school teachers here in New Zealand, the teaching year is over and it’s now a six-week summer break before school starts again next year. Despite the well-deserved break, some teachers are already thinking about ideas for next year. I’ve been amazed (and inspired) by the teachers who have signed up to spend […]

Using data challenges to encourage statistical thinking

This post provides the notes for a workshop I ran at the Christchurch Mathematical Association (CMA) and Auckland Mathematical Association (AMA) 2015 Statistics Days about using data challenges to encourage statistical thinking. What is a data challenge? These are just the words I am using to describe a competition that involves (big) data. Some good […]