A simple app that only does three things

Here’s a scenario. You buy a jumbo bag of marshmallows that contains a mix of pink and white colours. Of the 120 in the bag, 51 are pink, which makes you unhappy because you prefer the taste of pink marshmallows. Time to write a letter of complaint to the company manufacturing the marshmallows? The thing […]

A stats cat in a square?

On Twitter a couple of days ago, I saw a tweet suggesting that if you mark out a square on your floor, your cat will sit in it.   Nobody has had a more productive day than my mother pic.twitter.com/LK6KX9KM1x — Danielle Matheson (@prograpslady) April 10, 2017 Since I happen to have a floor, a […]

Probability teaching ideas using simulation

This post provides some teaching examples for using an online probability simulation tool. It’s a supplement to the workshop I offered for the NZAMT 2015 conference. Probability simulation tool I recently developed  a very basic online probability simulation tool . I wanted a simulation tool that would run online without using applets or flash (tablet compatible). I also wanted […]

Statistics teaching ideas based on ….. the alphabet!

This post focuses on randomness, simulations and probability. 10 quick ideas…… Choose five letters (e.g. A, B, D, N, U) and display these together. For the rest of these ideas to work, choose letters that can go together to make three letter words (avoid certain words!). Ask students to randomly select one of the letters and […]